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Do you believe law enforcement caameras an invasion of privacy?

I don't believe they are. The only time they are an invasion of privacy is in change rooms and bathrooms.

Just a couple of pointers about them.

If located in a non-private place, they are no more an invasion of privacy than if a person was standing there.

a person, the camera will not forget, mis-remember, or lie on the
stand, nor can it be accused of forgetting, mis-remembering or lying on
the stand.

Of course, the downside of cameras is that they can
only show what was within the field of view, usuallly do not record
sound, and may be too grainy or out of focus to be of much use.

There is also the problem of whether the camera saw everything or whether the tape was edited.

problem is when the media get a copy of the tape and edit it down to
just the "juicy parts" leaving the impression that there was nothing
else on the tape that showed how and why the action got to that part.

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May I ask what privacy you are talking about? Look around, there are camera's everywhere, they pat you down before going into any official building or place.

Let them throw up their cameras. it makes no difference.

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I agree there are cameras everywhere. In shopping malls etc. I was wondering if you feel they are an invasion of privacy and interested in everyone's views.

Thank you for your input.

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