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So what do you guys/gals think about this?

My personal opinion is...

I feel that facebook is safe to join, if a child is under 18 years old and if they are monitored by the parent.

I think that, with parent supervision, Facebook is safe. There are
plenty of fun games for kids to play. Some of the games can be learning
tools. For example, kids learn to take care of and tend to farms and
animals. There are also blocking choices, so that only certain people
are allowed to view the child's profile page.

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I think yes, because it's safe, and nothing really bad happened in facebook lately. Parents should monitor you until they think they can let go.

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I think anyone who is mature can have a facebook account. I would be browsing through someone's wall and I would see really vulgar pictures and comments.

Plus worst of all, I see 11 & 12 year olds making kissy duck faces and sticking out their butt & breast acting like they got some. It's really disturbing.

That's why I say only mature people should have a facebook.



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I think anyone not in Middle school shouldn't be on Facebook. I think there are other sites that kids can go to play games and stuff.However, I think that if someone young is on facebook their parents should monitor it.

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Yes Leo you are right about underage kids posting pictures/stuff in their wall that someone would consider vulgar but you got to be aware that they do it by their selfs.

Imagine a kid being monitored by his parents... Now that would be different.

Children under 18 should be allowed to join and use facebook, but there should be some parental controls

Social media is an important part of many peoples lives, especially for
teenagers. Allowing them to us facebook is just one way parents can
monitor what their children are doing, or liking, or following. They
should be made aware that what they post can have real life
consequences, but I see no reason they should be forbidden.

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At the age of 18, a kid is going to use it weather you want them to or not. I say the better question is a younger age around 10.

Mature or not, young kids don't need to be on facebook. Go outside or play games.

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I think it should really depend on the maturity of the person who joins.


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My opinion is yes a person under 18 should be able to have an account with facebook. Depending on the age of the person wanting the account a parent or older person can set the account up, do the privacy settings etc.

I have a friend who has a 13 year old daughter. They set the account up so know the username/password so periodically they go in and check that everything is going along satisfactorily.

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I think they should be able to join on their own because those that are immature shouldn't ruin the image of under 18s.

If parents are concerned they should monitor the Facebook use. If a kid is harassed, then the bullies should be blocked/banned/or whatever.

I myself am 19, but used Facebook while I was under 18.

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Well, yes and no. Due to the fact that is the parents' responsibility to see what their kids are doing on the internet. Get me?


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