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1 In your opinion, is gaming a waste of time? on Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:06 pm

I have found that gaming is a waste of time and stops me from being productive. It is really annoying and for that reason I have decided not to play games anymore.

Well, at least seriously. I occasionally play with friends, but that's really it.
What do you think about this? Do you know it is a waste of time, but keep playing?

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I think it's all about whether the person playing the game can control themselves or not. If they can't then yeah it's a waste of time. But every now and then it's fun to play .



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i agree with Leo


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In a way it is a waste of time, but if you have nothing to do.. then it's the best thing to do.
For me, it's a portal to another world that I've never been to. It allows me to experience things, people, worlds that I will never get to actually see. It lets me travel to places that I would love to go to, but never would be able to.
For me, it's not just a game. It's an adventure to see something new.


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Nop, its worthwhile to play games! Not gone or a waste in mine book...

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Everything you do is a waste of time, so better make it a fun waste Razz (sorry for my pessimism)

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