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I believe that faith-run schools should not receive government funding, because it violates the separation of church and state, and allows tax dollars to support questionable endeavors. Faith-based schools should not be financially supported by the taxpayer pool, because we have no say as to what they teach. A faith-based school could be run with any sort of religious background: Christian, Jewish, Islam, Wiccan, etc. There is nothing wrong with sending your children to a faith-based school. But, we, as taxpayers, should not have to financially support the teaching of every religion under the sun.


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You make a good point there. I believe that they should support faith schools. But there should also be a School of all the religions, each in a different section of the School. Maybe that way would be easier?



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I live In Philadelphia. The Archdiocese here was rocked with Catholic School Closings. Over 48 schools were about to be closed and 36 were.

What I was saying the entire time was this:

Pope Benedict the 16th should be sending money to keep these schools open.
So, no, Catholic Schools should not rely on the government.
As one user stated, it goes against seperation of church and government.

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