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I bet it's everyone's dream to become fifthly rich one day.So what would you do if you won a million dollars? Would you give it to charity? Save it? Discuss it here.

I would give some to charity. Share the money with my family and with the remainder I would save it.



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I'd pay off my college bills, because they're hounding me for money that I don't have.
I'd also help pay my parents house bills.
Then I would save a bunch and use the rest for things like a new computer, photoshop CS5 etc..


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Vacation Very Happy
I'd also buy a house in LA so that I could become famous Very Happy I would also share some money with my best friend and family Smile


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I'd get it converted into Pounds to start off with.

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1/2 to my parents, 1/4 goes to bank, and the rest I'll use it to go on vacation around the world and try foods, shows, etc. Of course, after converting it to my country's currency, some of it. XD


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First , I'd give some to charity just for the heck of it. Then on some big house. Then on a nice yacht so I could go vacationing on it and could brag about it hehe.

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I'd probably invest alot of it in order to receive even more money.

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