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1 KKK Dad & Son on Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:55 pm

What do you guys think of the organization KKK? And about this video ?
I thought it was sad that , that father would swing at his own song and say hurtful things to his own family.
That boy is just scared of his Dad, he's not in the KKK.



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2 Re: KKK Dad & Son on Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:10 pm

I think the KKK are idiots; although I ironically knew a girl named Kay Kay once who was African American.... but that's besides the point.
I think anyone that hates and discriminates someone because of their color, race, origin, gender, sexual orientation, etc...; are all idiots that do not understand that everyone is different, and people like that cannot except or understand change at all.

The only difference between a "White" person and a "Black" person, is their skin color and that is it. They're human just like everyone else, and I think it is a problem in every society that people hate on others for being different....when it all comes down to the bottom factor that we are all human, and it is a shame that people cannot seem to understand that. Whatever someone's beliefs are, we are all in the same boat, we all bleed ,we all eat, we all breathe the same air and the fact that some people can't seem to understand that is just appalling.
Humans are all different, we all come in different shapes and sizes.... without difference the world would be a boring place.
But unfortunately we all live in a hateful world with hate and intolerance.

I think a big thing is also, that people judge. Many kinds of people get separated into stereotypes of what someone is supposed to be like, many people assume that because a certain person is a part of a group.... that they are automatically like that. Which is far from the truth, there are many kinds of people.... there is good and bad in everything.
People should not judge on appearance, religion, sexuality or anything. People really need to judge on one's character and not what group or minority they are in.
Like they say about assuming, it just makes an ass out of you and me. :lol:

I thought it was sad that , that father would swing at his own song and say hurtful things to his own family.

When I read what you said here Leo, automatically reminded me about how many gay kids are kicked out of their house and disowned from their family of their house for being gay.
Actually, an interesting fact is that about 30% of homeless are LGBT youths who were kicked out for being who they were.
It's really a shame when a family member disowns another member for being a part of something that they do not agree with or like.
Although, in this guys case.... it's better if his father does disown him because he is nothing but a hateful monster.
No one needs negative people like that in their life, he should get away from him right away, as well as the daughter. That father is sick in the head if you ask me.


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